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Chef of All Seasons


New Hartford, CT

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My experience extends over thirty years with many favorable reviews on Google and in the media. I have worked hard to become a highly rated Professional Personal Chef, Cooking Skills Instructor and Caterer. Presenting a memorable feast brings great satisfaction. Cooking allows an outlet for creativity; making something with my hands that you will love can not be fully described with mere words. To be trusted with a family's culinary desires or a milestone event such as a graduation, 40th birthday, anniversary,bachelorette, etc. is an awesome responsibility.

Teaching Kitchen Skills creates a connection that lets us explore new horizons. Everyone has their own particularities: call them assets and defects. Understanding them enables me to help you. There is great satisfaction in knowing I made a difference.

Services Offered

  • Personal Chef
  • Events Catering
  • Cooking Skills Instruction
  • Cooking Demos for Team Builders

Business details


My Rates vary according to the desires of clients. Generally,
Cooking Skills Instruction for 1-4 students rates at $100 each.
Personal Chef work costs $75-$150 per guest for Lunches and Dinners.
Catered Buffets have a range of $20-$75 per guest; depending on the ingredients and level of service.

Areas served

Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Cape Cod, Boston, Putnam and Duchess Counties, NY State

Licensing & Credentials

National Serve Safe Certification for Food Safety and Handling/Full Liability Insurance


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Chef of All Seasons Business name
860-459-7834 Phone number
1986 Year established

Business hours

5 am- 12 midnite

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