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Marvel Perilla brings her distinctive mix of international flare and entrepreneurial savoir-faire  to the cosmetic industry having worked previously in the fields of international business and diplomacy. As a sophisticated multicultural woman in the pursuit of her own beauty regimen, Marvel became interested about issues surrounding personal health, environmental awareness and the myriad manifestations of feminine beauty worldwide. She also became aware of the emergence of a new niche of multiculturally -diverse beauty consumers seeking environmentally-safe products, profiled to their specific skincare, makeup and lifestyle needs, in order to maintain their individual beauty, and diversity!

Born and raised on Corn Island on Nicaragua’s Atlantic Coast, Marvel’s passion for people and love of nature shaped her global perceptive and esthetic early on. After winning a scholarship to study in South America, her path led her to study at Germany’s prestigious Göethe-Institute.  While there in Berlin, during visits to the Pergamon Museum in East Berlin, she became inspired by the ancient Sumerian and Babylonian (present Iraq) art and its vibrant color palette. 

“I became enraptured,” she said, “with the dense earth tones, harvest hues, and shimmering shades of copper, terra cotta, lapis lazuli, and burgundy found in the  glazed brick friezes of the fabled Ishtar Gate and the Processional Way. These fabled works of art became my muses for creating a neutral to dramatic jewel-like color makeup palette, which could beautifully enhance and illuminate a variety of skin tones.”

This fascination became my muse for the creation of MARVELLÍSSIMA make-up, a collection sourced from hypoallergenic and cruelty-free ingredients with color palette of earth tones, harvest hues, and shimmering shades of copper and terra-cotta that compliment specific-yet-diverse-skin tones from the palest porcelains to the richest bronze and espressos which beautifully enhance and illuminate a variety of skin tones for women of all ages.

My passion for people and beautiful things helped shaped my global perception of the emergence of a new niche of multi-culturally-diverse beauty consumer and their quest for multi-hued color palette cosmetics pursued me throughout my travels and research in the International metropolis to acquire a savoir-faire and intricacies of the cosmetic industry.

Following a start-up phase devoted to the perfecting of product formulations, packaging design, and market testing, Marvel has launched MARVELLÍSSIMA an upscale hypo-allergenic makeup collection designed for women of all ages and skin types who are savvy, discerning, and interested in “benefit-specific” products that meet their lifestyle and cosmetic needs.

Encased in sleek, elegant onyx packaging embossed with the MARVELLÍSSIMA logo. The color scheme of the outer carton is lapiz-la zulu accented with copper gold and terra-cotta. The collection is sold exclusively online, via MARVELLÍSSIMA Boutique. 

Join our story, Revel in Diversity!

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  • MARVELLÍSSIMA, Created and designed by Marvel Perilla Britton, is an upscale cosmetic brand, offering a wide range of multi-hued hypoallergenic make-up products inspired by the multi-culturally rich and diverse worldwide beauty influences. Sold exclusively on line

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